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Watch the replay and the analysis of the program

9 March 2015

A video by Campus France. Some questions about the Master.


  • 01:01 The speech
  • 02:24 Face to face
  • 02:40 Do you have a particular way of dealing with Wine? Why choose your program and not another?
  • 05:06 What is your requirement / wine experience? (Professional experience, interest, expertise)?
  • 07:37 Many wine programs are delivered by business schools. You are an engineering school. What difference? Are you more research and technique oriented?
  • 10:23 Expert question
  • 10:32 Expert question: France is losing market share on the wine market. Is France the good place to be trained? What is your vision of the market?
  • 12:38 Tommaso, what is your insight on the program?
  • 13:57 You’re located in Bordeaux. It seems to be a great place to have a programm that’s centered on the wine industry. But concretely?
  • 15:48 What is your accreditation? What does it mean?
  • 16:51 On your website, it says you’re at La Rochelle?
  • 17:21 What are the things you take into account during the selection process? On what basis do you choose? What are the most important things to know?
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