École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques

Vinitech 2016

30 November 2016

MBS students starting Day 2 of Vinitech 2016 with a visit to the ISVV booth.

Throughout the program different technologies are introduced to the students of the MBS in Vineyard and Winery management. These new methods keep students up to date on the new advancements in viticulture, enology and wine branding.

This year the students visited Vinitech, a worldwide exhibition of vineyard and winery services and equipment hosted in Bordeaux. During the event students had the chance to explore the various exhibits and collect information that can best serve their future career goals. A day of the exhibition was also dedicated to tour the exhibit together with professors of wine making and microbiology which gave the students a chance to ask questions and to also expand their contact network through their teachers and other peers in the class.

Many students were seen enjoying huîtres (Oysters) and champagne at the various stands for barrel cooperages. Others were seen having lunch with various consultants and wine makers from the Bordeaux area and around the world and the rest were found learning the ropes and checking out the new technologies and various lectures that were going on throughout the event.

Vinitech played an important role in connecting a lot of students with tools they had used in their respective internships and theory they have learned in the programs diverse range of courses. Furthermore, it gave future managers and idea on what current prices are available for equipment, products and services in the industry.


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