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Trip to Madiran, Jurançon and Spain

12 December 2016

A tour of Madiran, Jurançon and Spain was made with the first and second year students of the MBS of vineyard and winery management.

Chateau Montus - Vignobles Brumont (Madiran)

Integrating both the first and second year students of the MBS of vineard and winery management, a tour of Madiran, Jurançon and Spain was made. This opportunity presented the various producers of the region and displayed the diversity in a small geographic location. It is common in France for a different method and grape varietal to be used from one side of the mountain or river to the other side.

Masters students all had a chance to participate in technical tours and tastings of some of the most well renowned regions in Spain such as Rioja and Navarra. Here the winemakers took students through a detailed journey of what it is like to produce wine in the region and what challenges the regions are facing.

Domaine Tandem (Navarra)

A vertical tasting of the wines presented the students an opportunity to see the aging potential of varietals such as Garanacha. The experience also exposed to different styles of aging and blending that are not common practice in Bordeaux.

Domain Clos lapeyre (Jurançon)

This trip is one of many that blends education, exploration and provides the opportunity to make international contacts around the wine world. The trip also possessed a chance to practice language skills in a scholarly and professional context, which builds the students skills to find work internationally and give clear advice to future estates.

Bodega Artazu (Navarra)

Photo credits: Catherine Taylor


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