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Some testimonies of MBS students

Testimony of Mariachiara Filosa - italian student from the 2014-2016 promotion - currently working at Tonnellerie Sylvain

The MBS learnings has enable me to develop new technical skills in viticulture and enology that complete my business training. The competences and the synergy of the pedagogical staff that conduct research activities in an international context and the professionnals’ high level of expertise in the viticulture sector has enable me to live one year particularly rich in learnings and encounters.

The MBS is a very professionalizing program that is at the crossroad of viticultural sector issues et research. This 2 year program will alow me to give my professional activity a new impulse and bring my international clients highly qualified service and advices."

Testimony of José Miguel TIRADO, Argentina – MBS student of the 2014-2016 promotion - works at Emiliana Organic Vineyards in Chile

"Being in the MBS master helped me having a wider view of the wine industry. I have a viticulture and enology background (I studied agronomic engineer in Mendoza, Argentina), so the breath of subjects we covered during the master facilitated me to move between the different areas of the industry. I already had experience in the technical side but I was very interested in becoming a more complete professional and I decided to "move to the dark side" of the industry as many colleagues like to call to the business area.
Bordeaux resulted to be the right place to find a job opportunity when in Vinexpo I helped presenting wines in a stand and then I was offered to be the Export Manager of Europe for the biggest organic and biodynamic winery of the world: Emiliana Organic Vineyards, a Chilean winery that has always been a pioneer in sustainability. I started to work right away with them while I was doing the master at the same time, which was quite interesting and challenging. Now, I have been working for 2 years in the company, being in charge of 15 countries and travelling to a lot of incredible places while I have meetings with importers and their clients or present the wines in wine fairs and seminars. I still live in Bordeaux, enjoying my life in Europe and looking forward to what could come in my future.
My recommendation, make use of all your opportunities and create your own ones. I learnt from each experience even presenting wines for free in Vinexpo that led me to have my current job which I love and I continue to receive offers from many other companies. Any small experience could be the ticket for your next adventure ;) 

Testimony of Tommaso NICOLATO – italian student of the 2014-2016 promotion – currently working at Château Palmer

"After my enology degree in Italy I choose to come to Bordeaux Sciences Agro to study with some of the best professors of high quality viticulture in the world. What an incredible experience! 

The MBS program has been the right choice to refine my technical skills and apply them to analyse and improve the organisation of a wine company. The courses have the right balance of theory and directly applicable knowledge, which is a fundamental aspect in the wine sector. Moreover, the MBS selection of invited lectors is simply unique !

Finally, Bordeaux is a magical place. Here the culture is deeply entangled with wine since ages. There are so many opportunities to gain experience and to evolve. You just have to be passionate and determined, to grab them! A big part of the MBS is dedicated to internships, so you are able to choose where to focus your career. 

I am now in charge of the R&D in oenology at Chateau Palmer. Bordeaux was a dream and now it’s my second home."

Testimony of Christiana Mc Dougal, USA – MBS student from the 2014-2016 promotion - currently working at Wines of Substance in Walla Walla

"This master has offered me the ability to work and study alongside a variety of people from different cultural backgrounds and with varied enological and viticultural experience, while offering courses ranging from grape physiology to business management. It’s been extremely rewarding living and learning in Bordeaux, one of the premier winemaking regions of the world."

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