École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques

From classroom to vineyard

13 May 2016

From classroom to vineyard 2015, the MBS program offers lessons with professors from BSA, partner universities and other experts in their respective fields. Classroom trips include industry conferences, visits to Grand Cru estates, ISVV and other key players in the wine industry. Projects and in-class work range from estate audits, analytical work for cooperages and tastings from key wine regions of the world.

From classroom to vineyard - 2015 Batch
Clockwise from upper left

Students are welcomed at the school’s Château Luchey-Halde for practical experiences in the vineyard and, of course, tasting. A disease management class ventures into the fields to practice identification skills. Discussing equipment needs at SITEVI in Montpellier. A visit to Château Pichon Baron to discover Bordeaux varietals and viticultural practices. Their first harvest experience for some students in St Emilion. A class trip to Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion. BSA’s insect library inspires a closer look.


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