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Internship & Career

The Master of Science in Vineyard and Winery Management program is designed to put knowledge into practice and lay the foundations for a successful career in the vine and wine industry, with numerous job prospects.

The program is structured around two internships that enable students to gain real professional experience in vineyard and cellar operations, as well as in related activities. The internships take place during the summer season after the first and second years of study. These internships are an essential part of the training of future professional vineyard managers. Students receive support and guidance during their internships from the Bordeaux Sciences Agro faculty.


During the first year of study, the program provides a knowledge base in the fields of wine processing, viti-oeno techniques, vineyard management and economics through personal and group work, study visits and trips. These courses prepare students for the first of their two internships.

What Professional Experiences ?

The first internship is a unique opportunity to have a hands-on experience at a wine producing estate. Students will participate in operations in the vineyard and the cellar. This experience is invaluable in becoming a good wine estate manager. It will also help to assimilate your viticulture and enology courses in the second year of the Master.

The second internship enables students to apply everything they have learned in the MSc program to the practical realities faced by a wine-producing company or wine-related business. It is an opportunity to broaden their professional networks and forge links with people who can help them later on in their careers.


From optimum knowledge to professional pratices, students will get a broader perspective on global companies. The diploma will allow graduates to play an active role in the global wine industry with the national and international networks created during the courses.

What career prospects ?

  • Wine estate manager
  • Cellar manager
  • Vineyard manager
  • Consultants in viticulture and enology, in management
  • Marketing manager
  • Consultant in wine trading and distributions companies, research
  • Developer departments in the wine industry, education, etc.

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