École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques

Learning outcomes

The Master of Science in Vineyard & Winery Management program responds to an unmet market demand by offering training that prepares wine industry professionals with both technical skills (viticulture and oenology) and entrepreneurial skills (business management). Program taught in English language. What you will learn:

Candidates will learn how to:

Business Management

  • Design and implement a business plan (i.e. operating statement, choice of actions, etc).
  • Structure the legal and/or financial framework of the project.
  • Strategically set priorities and monitor accomplishment of business objectives.

Vineyard Management and Wine Production

  • Analyze the interactions between soil/climate/plant
  • Manage the vineyard from plantation to harvest
  • Understand the science based fundamentals of Terroir, choice of plant material, and canopy management through practical experience
  • Acquire and develop knowledge of enology and winery technology
  • Conduct winery evaluations focused on aligning wine production with the commercial objectives
  • Enhance tasting ability and sensory evaluation.


  • Price the product according to economic and technical criteria
  • Conduct commercial analyses
  • Hold a cost accounting
  • Calculate and analyze costs.

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