École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques

Learning outcomes

What you will learn.

Candidates will learn how to:

Business Management

  • Design and implement a business plan (i.e. operating statement, choice of actions, etc).
  • Structure the legal and/or financial framework of the project.
  • Strategically set priorities and monitor accomplishment of business objectives.

Vineyard Management and Wine Production

  • Analyze the interaction s between soil/climate/plant.
  • Manage thee vineyard from plantation to harvest).
  • Understand the science based fundamentals of Terroir, choice of plant material, and canopy management through practical experience.
  • Acquire and develop knowledge of enology and winery technology
  • Conduct winery evaluations focused on aligning wine production with the commercial objectives
  • Enhance tasting ability and sensory evaluation.


  • Establish a product price according with economical and technical criteria.
  • Conduct commercial analyses.
  • Hold a cost accounting.
  • Calculate and analyze costs.

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