École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques

Viti-Oenology Audit

14 June 2016

In the second semester, first-year Master of Business and Science Vineyard & Winery students have an occasion to participate in the technical viti-oenology audit.

This year, Domaine Audron, located in Haut-Medoc, Gironde, has instructed them to analyze their technical oenology and viticulture and recommend solutions to improve the winery for the new market.

On 23 March, they had a site visit and received general presentations from the Domaine Audron sponsors. They also had acces to data that served them during the exercise of the audit. This main course in the year aims to give them challenges through practice with real hands-on experience and control.

On 31 May, the audit was finished after the 4 groups of students did successful presentations. The methodology used allows them to establish a technical benchmark, a general strategy and suggestions for the vineyard, vinification and cellars... There is a lot of potential to produce original quality wines and run a succesful operation in the future project.

The goal of this case study is to guide students in using knowledge learned throughout the year of studies to put into pratice. Each year, the programme welcomes a new winery which is honored to build the network with future professionals.


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