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The Master of Business and Science in Vineyard & Winery Management provides training in response to unmet market demand for wine industry professionals who combine both technical (viticulture and enology) and entrepreneurial (business management) skill sets.

The program is designed to further the participants knowledge in business management, viticulture, and oenology. Whether your previous experiences were centered around the commercial, managerial, or viticultural aspects of the industry the program seeks to complement your knowledge base through a strong and practically oriented curriculum.

In an industry that is increasingly competitive, the integration of these skill sets within a company is essential for success.

Bordeaux Sciences Agro is part of the EMaVE Consortium, composed of eight high profile universities,renowned worldwide for their expertise and involvement in Viticulture, Enology & related Economic Sciences.

Since 2012, 12 associate and renowned partners have joined the EMaVE consortium, expanding its international network and opportunities: United States; China; Brazil; South Africa; Australia; Argentina; New Zealand; Canada; Greece and Tunisia.

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