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Thematic areas and programme content

The study program focuses on three main thematic areas.

Vineyard and Winery Management

TU 3 - Fundamentals of Viticulture and Enology:

  • Vine Physiology, ecophysiology and morphology. Ampelography
  • Training systems and vineyard floor management
  • Technical practices in viticulture (basic)
  • Development & composition of the fruit
  • Wine Making Process
  • Aging- Wine preservation
  • Introduction to sensory analysis

TU 6 - Study Field Trip (Mediterranean Terroir)

  • Wine state, vine and vineyard suppliers, international trade fairs and conferences (SITEVI & Euroviti conference or ENOMAQ or Tecnovid)

TU 8 - Seasonal vineyard practices and management at different scales

  • Soils, nutrients, climate and water status management
  • Phenology and plant material, vine balance
  • Large scale viticulture

TU 9 - Enology and Winery Technology

  • Wine biotechnology
  • Enological practices and products
  • Production pathways
  • Analyses of wines and musts

TU 16 - World Viticulture - Climate and latitudes

  • International terroirs and world ampelography
  • Terroir and vineyard management

TU 17 - Specific Vinification and aging

  • Wine Making in different world wine regions
  • Sensory analysis: a tool for monitoring winemaking
  • Winery design

Business Management

TU 4 - Basics in wine economy and estate management

  • International benchmarking of different wine branches
  • General accounting : fundamentals - comparing french & anglo-saxon methodologies
  • Analytic accounting: cost control as a tool for diagnosis and decision-making

TU 10 - Cost and Profitability - Wine estate audit

  • Introduction to auditing an to accounting documents
  • Data and data processing
  • Results and diagnosis
  • Wine estate cost audit

TU 12 - Financial management

  • Comprehending and using financial information
  • Monitoring and financial strategy
  • Establishing financial security
  • Wine State Financial auditing Audit

TU 18 – CAPM

  • Computer assisted production management in wine industry

TU 19 - Human Resource (...)

TU 19 - Human Resource Management}}

  • Relational space and interaction posture in intercultural dealings
  • Situational awareness and management adaption

TU 21 - Strategic marketing in wine estates

  • Wine : local product, worldwide market ?
  • Basics of strategic and operational marketing for wine
  • Methodology in the marketing
  • Marketing audit of a wine estate

TU 23 - International business development strategies

  • Joint venture, property acquisition and vineyard creation
  • Cultures’ approach to negotiation

TU 24 - Business plan for wine estate in a international context}

  • Strategic guidelines in an international scenario
  • Adapting the management practices to the local context
  • A comparative approach to French and Anglo-Saxon accounting
  • Building a international business plan

Wine Industry Branch Organization

TU 5 - Worldwide Wine Regions and Industry

  • The history of wine making
  • Wine Producing areas
  • State of the world wine sector
  • World’s wine market and consumption

TU 13 - Global economic Wine Marketing fundamentals

  • Old world and new world wine regions, Emerging wine countries - economic trends
  • Wine marketing fundamentals
  • Country specific business management

TU 20 - International Wine Market and Marketing

  • Worldwide vision of supply and demand
  • Impact of brand in purchasing behavior
  • Is the wine a cultural product?

TU 22 - Vine and Wine Law and Regulation

  • World wine and European Union (CAP) wine regulations
  • The International Code of Enological Practices
  • International Trademark Law and Convergence of Trademark Practices

Interdisciplinary Courses

  • TU 2 - Academic Standing upgrade (General Biology and Chemistry or General Management)
  • TU 15 - Internship (Harvesting or problem solving training program)
  • TU 25 - Global auditing (In the optic of the business plan)
  • TU 26 - Study Field Trip (international)
  • TU 28 - Final nternship (International training)
  • TU 29 - Dissertation and oral défense

Languages & French Culture

  • TU 1 - Immersion internship /French culture and society
  • TU7 - Official languages of the OIV
  • TU14 - Official languages of the OIV
  • TU27 - Official languages of the OIV
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