COELHO Alfredo

Associate Professor in Business Administration

Is Associate Professor in Strategic Management and International Business at Bordeaux Sciences Agro. Alfredo is responsible for curriculum development and teaching in the Master of Business of Science (MBS) in Vineyard & Winery Management.
His main research focus is on industrial and financial strategies of top world wine and distilled spirits multinationals. He has a particular interest on mergers & acquisitions and ownership and control (corporate governance) issues in family and cooperative-owned firms.
He did extensive research on wine economics and policy, costs in grape farms, as well as in the international bulk wine business. He is responsible for the annual survey on the world wine industry in Cyclope (Economica, Paris). He participated as co-author in several studies and reports on wine-related issues for the European Parliament, the European Commission (DG-AGRI, DG-ENV), and the European Association for Vine and Wine (AREV). His research also includes firms in distilled spirits in Latin America: pisco (Chile) and tequila (Mexico).
Alfredo is the founder of the W2D – World Wine Data, a global databank covering trends in mergers & acquisitions (M&As), and co-operative agreements in the global wine, beer, and distilled spirits industries. He is also a member of the Agri-Benchmark network for wine (Thünen Institute, Germany).