Professor of Viticulture

Kees Van Leeuwen is in charge of the viticulture and enology team at Bordeaux Sciences Agro. He was initially trained as an enologist but he did a PhD on a terroir related subject: the influence of soil and climate on quality potential in the Saint-Emilion winegrowing area. After his PhD, he worked a few years as technical director for château Cheval Blanc (Saint-Emilion). He joined Bordeaux Sciences Agro in 1996. His research activities are still in the field of terroir research, with focus on the effect of water relations on grape quality potential, phenology modelling and the impact of vine nitrogen status on aroma expression in grapes. He is editor in chief of the Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (among the top-5 journals worldwide in field of Vine and Wine Sciences).