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29 November 2017

Thanksgiving 2018 was a fun and poignant night for all.

After some not-so-subtle prompting from Guilherme (“Last year they made Thanksgiving dinner… and invited me… just saying… not that you HAVE to do that, but…”), the American students in MBS 1 came together to plan a magnificent Thanksgiving feast. This year we have six Americans, so it was easy to divvy up the work— Aly made amazing mashed potatoes, Jaala brought her famous deviled eggs, Kelsey whipped up a corn casserole, Grace wowed us with her garlic bread (check out the pic above!), and Alexa convinced a local rotisserie to cook a 20 lb (9kg) turkey. Thankfully the very generous Alex and his wonderful girlfriend allowed us to take over their apartment for the night, and so we were able to fit all 25 people around one very long table. Sharing this quintessentially American holiday with people from around the world gave a special significance to the night. We were not only thankful for our families and the food on the table, but also for having found a place in the world where anyone, regardless of nationality, can come together over love of wine. And pie. But mostly wine.


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